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Ethics and Society. Limits and Perspectives of Applied Ethics

Program of conferences and debates

October-November 2003

Program coordinator:
Mihaela Frunza

Research team:
Horatiu Crisan, Codruta Cuceu, Liviu Pop, Ana-Elena Ilinca, Lorin Ghiman

Scientific research in the field of applied ethics is one of the most important in the contemporary ethical debates. Firstly, applied ethics is important due to its interdisciplinary nature, crossing with fields such as medicine, journalism, communication studies, law, and politics. In all these fields, applied ethics articulates several deontological codes in which the moral dimension is essential. The scientific knowledge in this field has a particular relevance for the links that are established among traditional philosophical ethics and other top rank fields.

Secondly, applied ethics represents a form of synthesizing the traditional ways of understanding of moral philosophy. This happens because moral philosophy, in each of its historical stages, had and continues to have a practical nature – that of building a practical rationality – which recent developments in applied ethics have managed to emphasize.

The program of conferences and debates proposed by GDES aims at promoting applied ethics among young students and researchers through a series of highly academic events. The series of conferences and debates covers a large and representative sample of the contemporary field of applied ethics, and raises significant questions for the contemporary period.

Conferences are held by:

* Ī.P.S. Bartolomeu Anania, Archibishop of Vad, Feleac, and Cluj
* Asist. Prof. Mihaela Frunza, Ph.D., BBU, Cluj
* Assoc. Prof. Nicu Gavriluta, Ph.D., Al. I Cuza University, Iasi
* Assoc. Prof. Cristian Pīrvulescu, Ph.D., SNSPA, Bucharest
* Prof. Grigore Zanc, Ph.D., BBU, Cluj
* Lect. Stefan Iloaie, Ph.D. , BBU, Cluj
* Lect. Calin Saplacan, BBU, Cluj

Papers of the research team