About us

About us

The Academic Society for the Research of Religions and Ideologies (SACRI) is a non-profit, non-governmental, autonomous juridical person with no patrimonial purpose.


SACRI has undertaken to promote quality research in the study of religions and ideologies, to endorse inter-religious and inter-confessional dialogue, to encourage social and institutional communication, to deploy educational activities for encouraging religious and political freedom and pluralism.

SACRI has embarked upon finding alternative solutions with a view to promoting communication and the shift of mentality in majority-minority rapport, to establishing dialogue and mitigating conflict.

SACRI engages in organizing, informing, endorsing, rewarding, promoting and representing researchers in the field of religions and ideologies.

Types of activities:

There are two basic types of activities that SACRI develops:

- Through its permanent programs, it promotes specialized research, academic training and debates
- Through its temporary programs, it aims to get involved in the life of the local community, promoting the civic participation of citizens, finding alternative ways of education and communication with youth

A major concern of SACRI is to bridge the civic sphere and the academic one, through programs that encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and practices.

All and any individual or juridical person, or organization can raise funds for, or make donations to, S.A.C.R.I. Account No: ROL: RO85 BTRL 0130 1205 9725 79XX
USD: RO68 BTRL 0130 2205 9725 79XX
EUR: RO34 BTRL 0130 4205 9725 79XX
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